Seneca Soccer is an all-volunteer organization, and we thank you for the sacrifice of time and energy you are making. Each role is critical to the overall success of the club, and your commitment will reap rewards for our children for years to come.

In order to lessen the burden on any one individual, it is important that each Coach and Team
Parent volunteer:

  •      Fulfills his/her responsibilities in a thorough and timely manner
  •      Communicates issues as soon as they arise
  •      Provides constructive feedback for improving processes and assignment of responsibilities
  •      Contacts the assigned 
    • League Coordinator on topics of rosters, games, practices, and team logistics. 
    • Coaching Coordinator on matters of skill development, clinics, and equipment. 
    • Registrar for concerns about the topics of divvy, assistant coach and team parent assignments, and player registration status. 

We want to ensure that information is communicated to the parents of the players quickly and efficiently. To do so, Seneca Soccer is employing several ways to reach each member of the organization.  We will use the following means to communicate Club information, and we will strive to keep it consistent among these sources (most timely in order listed):

  •      Seneca Soccer Facebook Page (“Seneca Soccer”) 
  •      Seneca Soccer Club Website ( 
  •      E-Mail lists
  •      Text messages

If you have not received e-mail notifications from the Seneca Soccer mailing list but would like to, please send an e-mail to requesting your email be added to our database for mass emails. Currently our system only sends emails out to the current season’s active players and not past players of previous seasons.

All Coaches, assistant coaches and Team Parents are required to complete the online Risk Management registration before the start of the season.

The Team Coach is responsible for all activities on the field, including:

1.    Equipment management
2.    Balls, ball bag, and first aid kit issued for season – turned in at end
3.    Pinnies, cones, and goalie gear returned to shed after each practice
4.    Game play coaching and player substitutions,
5.    Preparation of practice (drills targeted for age group) Practice orchestration
6.    Refereeing (U8 and below)
7.    Player injury management
8.    Inclement weather ruling (pre-game or during) per the Seneca Soccer Weather Policy
9.    Coordinating with Team Parent regarding distribution of any other duties

Before the season starts the coach must attend a coach’s training provided by Seneca’s Coach Coordinator, fill out the risk assessment form online and contact all players with the designated practice times assigned to their team. The coach should also constantly and efficiently communicate with their team throughout the season about practice/game times and changes to the schedule, as well as follow all other guidelines as specified in the Rec Coach contract. The team coach is also responsible for turning in a player evaluation for all players on their team, on the provided form, to the Coach Coordinator by the Saturday after their last game.

The Team Parent is responsible for team management off the field, including:

1.    Communicating issues to the League Coordinator, if necessary
2.    Confirming w/ external-to-Seneca team coordinator the day before scheduled out-of league game
3.    Organizing parents to provide coverage for Post-game clean-up and emptying trash cans
*If there is no team parent, then the coach is responsible for all listed responsibilities.


  • Anyone on the field with the players must have completed a risk management application.
  • Due to insurance restrictions -ONLY- children officially rostered by Seneca Soccer are allowed to participate in practices or games.
  • WVSA Side sided Laws of the Game will be followed, except with the exceptions outlined in the SSC Rules of the game for each age group taking precedence.
  • Coaches and referees are responsible for making sure players have appropriate dress and gear on the field.
  • Coaches must have emergency care forms for contact information, and league-provided first aid kits on hand at all times.
  • Coaches will arrive at least 10 minutes prior to all practices and games, and will not leave until all players have departed.
  • Team members must be given the opportunity to play at least 50% time, unless the player arrives after the start of the game.

Please consult the Coach’s resource tab above for any additional resources and rules.



  • Attacking and footwork skills
  • Throw-ins from dead ball situation
  • Free roam of field (no offense/defense)

U7/8 (add following to all previously stated)

  • Introductory defensive skills
  • Introduction of Goal kicks, Corner kicks 
  • Team aspects including support and open space

U9/10 (add following to all previously stated)

  • Offensive/defensive positioning
  • Advanced attacking, footwork, and defensive skills
  • Goal keeper integration
  • Team aspects including formation, positions, and set plays

U11 and Older (add following to all previously stated)

  • Advanced tactics and set plays
  • Terminology: man on, turn, time, carry, etc